About Tanya

TanyaBrown2aTanya believes finding real health and happiness is possible for everyone. Working through her own life challenges has given her the passion to help others achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

Tanya Brown is a gifted healer, kinesiologist, shamanic medium and mother to two beautiful teenagers. She is passionate about helping others overcome limiting beliefs, health issues and negative thought patterns. Through her studies in Kinergetics, which is a deep energy based form of Kinesiology, Tanya helps people release both physical and emotional trauma through non-invasive energetic techniques. Her background as an intuitive hands-on healer allows her to blend multiple healing modalities for the best results.

How did she get here?
Over the years, Tanya has battled many challenges which started when she was adopted at the young age of two. Growing up she suffered abuse and chronic health issues including, depression, digestive & hormonal disorders, migraines, chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia.  This life experience has given Tanya a very compassionate approach to healing, and a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to work through things.

Her unique combination of healing modalities and life experience has given her extensive knowledge around depression, abuse & trauma. She has a warm natural rapport with people & also loves working with children and teenagers looking at the impact of hormonal, digestive, emotional & learning issues.

Tanya knows firsthand what a difference the right diet and nutrition can mean to overall wellbeing. Through the use of Kinesiology/Kinergetics, she has helped people realise dramatic health benefits including weight loss, reduced inflammation, more energy and a better night’s sleep.

Combining these skills with her hands on healing, Tanya is able to help put people at ease, empowering them to release the fundamental energy blocks and emotional patterns that often lie beneath a physical symptom.

Tanya is extensively trained in complementary studies:

• Diploma Holistic Kinesiology/Cert Kinergetics
• Reiki Level 2
• Channelling and trance mediumship
• Counselling
• Anatomy and physiology
• Vibrational medicine
• Traditional Chinese philosophies
• Sabotage clearing
• Nutrition and meditation

Start your healing journey today with Tanya, tap into your unlimited potential and create the life you desire and deserve!

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