Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts

Anxiety & suicidal thoughts are often the result of a trauma.  It is important to seek help.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel and your life can turn around.  There are many avenues of help including natural therapies.  I have been honoured to witness many clients completely change their lives by releasing traumas with kinesiology/kinergetics/healing and conquering their anxiety and dark thoughts/feelings.


Sally a 48 year old woman suffering anxiety, suicidal thoughts/depression had suffered many traumas including divorce, abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters & toxic work environment just to name a few.  The culmination of all these left her feeling utterly exhausted, beyond repair and wanting it all to end.

First Session

Sally was extremely upset at her first session and I needed to support her with crystals, essences, hydration balance, but mostly hands on healing and gentle encouragement to release and allow her feelings and thoughts to surface.  Sometime as a practitioner we just need to hold a space to allow the client to do their own thing and start the healing process their own way.

Emotional balance “heartsick”, “grateful”

ESR’s (Emotional Stress Release points)

Hands on healing and visualisations

Further Sessions

Brain and kidney balances

Trauma Balance – abusive relationship

Trauma Balance – car accident resulting in sibling dying (she was driving)

Trauma Balance – Difficult births

Trauma Balance – sexual abuse

Sabotage Balances – self worth

Deep Emotional Balances

Chakra and light bodies balances

Adrenal Balances

TMJ Balances

Afffirmation Balances


Sally has turned her life around on all levels.

Happier home life, able to cope with lifes demands as a busy working single mother, successful career, calm and looking forward to a bright future, no more depressive thoughts, starting her own business, forgiving and loving herself.

Client Testimonial

“Dear Tanya.  I will never forget our first session many years ago.  I came to you grieving the loss of my family post an ugly separation ending domestic violence to protect my children and myself.  The unconditional love that radiated from you and enveloped me set me on a wonderful journey of healing and self discovery.  I will forever be grateful for healing my soul and restoring my dignity.  You are a true spiritual healer that is so humble.  I always look forward to seeing you as the journey of self discovery and wellbeing continues.  Thank you for being you”