Case Study – Chronic Pain

Chronic pain especially migraines can be crippling not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.  Chronic pain affects many areas of a persons life.  It can lead to anxiety, depression and a myriad of other issues but it doesn’t have to be that way….


Melanie a 50 year old woman suffering chronic pain came to see me firstly to work on her painful headaches/migraines that had plagued her for years.


Supported the body with crystals.

Worked on chemical sensitivities to food containing natural amines, Salycilates and msgs (recommend following chemical free diet set by RPA hospital allergy clinic).

Worked on anger (Releasing anger from past mistakes, past hurts and life lessons).

Worked on metaphysical information around headaches and nerves (including conflict management, ability to cope with stress, not feeling equal to others, not being able to express talents, expressing feelings).

Released Trauma from age 0-5 years around general anger from parents & feeling like she was not able to do anything right.

Released trauma from age 35 when partner/soul mate left her.


Two weeks later we met for another session and Melanie had not had any headaches so we continued to work on breathing issues, sabotages, grief, confusion/forgetfulness

4 Months later Melanie was still headache/migraine free & had positive results for other issues we worked on as well.

Client Testimonial

“After experiencing many years of chronic illness, I’ve had some remarkable shifts after only a handful of kinergetics sessions with Tanya.  These include the end of chronic pain (including migraine headaches), greater energy, less anxiety, and the immense relief of an increasingly positive outlook on life.  I am so grateful for Tanya’s amazing treatments and wholly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health and overcome obstacles to healing”.