Grief & Anxiety

Grief is a natural process when losing a loved one.  It is important to allow the process of grief and to allow healing when ready.  However if we feel or are left unsupported grief can lead to
– feeling down or sad all the time
– stress, anxiety
– exhaustion, health issues eg: disrupted sleep patterns, headaches, digestive issues
– feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, thoughts of self harm
– guilt, anger, shame or blame
– numbness, confusion


Trish a 59 year old woman came to see me feeling anxious and stressed and wanted to feel calmer.  Around the same time as these feelings started, her mother passed away causing deep grief.

First Session

Anxiety and stress:

Peace and relaxation affirmations that her body reacted to.

Emotional balance “ignored” stemming from her past.

Massive release around sibling relationship (seeking approval, feeling locked out) and the grief caused by feeling ignored.

Balanced stress associated with family wedding using kinergetics tools.

Visualisations, hands on healing, breathing techniques.

Second Session


This session Trish was obviously very upset by her mothers passing and was suffering deep grief.
Trauma release around her mothers death, funeral, sibling reactions.

Light bodies balance

Hands on healing


During the session her grief changed from a 10 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10 and she was able to smile and leave the session feeling calmer.

Trish continued to use the tools and techniques outside the session and managed to remain calm and stress free during some testing times/situations further down the track.

We have since worked on other issues eg:  releasing trauma from a car accident, life purpose/direction, vertigo.

Trish also continues to miss her mother but without becoming overwhelmed with grief.  Her mother even visits us in sessions occasionally giving comfort and messages.

Client Testimonial

“My sessions with Tanya have been so rewarding.  I feel a total shift from how I feel from arriving to when I leave her beautiful healing space.  I leave feeling on top of the world and so much lighter and enlightened.  I feel enabled to tackle things that overwhelmed me before my session and my outlook to life is more positive.  Tanya has a very nurturing manner and I feel safe and relaxed during our healing sessions.  I have gained a great deal of insight into myself from my treatments and continue to gain benefits afterwards too.  Thanks Tanya for being there when I need that boost to get me through.”