Case Study – Nightmares & Interrupted Sleep

Nightmares & Interrupted Sleep –  Good quality sleep and enough of it are essential for our health.  Lack of sleep affects our moods, can cause physical health issues, make it hard to focus and even make us more accident prone.


Edie a 31 year old woman was having constant nightmares/lack of quality sleep, negative thoughts all the time and was feeling exhausted and pessimistic about her future.


Trauma Balance – husband left her and her young child without warning

Trauma Balance – at a very young age her father left the family

Chakras Balance for energy of heart and solar plexus (self love, love for others, self esteem)

Flower essences and crystal to support the body

Affirmation Balance around “Abandonment”

Chakra/Belief systems Balance relating to abandonment

Brain Integration Balance

Hands on Healing


Edie called me a week later to say she had not experienced any more nightmares, disrupted sleep or anxiety.  She had also slept peacefully all through the night for the first time in years and was feeling happy and excited.

Client Testimonial

“I feel fantastic, thank you.  First time in years I have slept through the night and awoken feeling calm & relaxed…no more nightmares”