Case Study – Trauma – Accidents

Trauma – Accidents can leave us with not only physical scars but emotional and mental as well.  Fear can become an obstacle after accidents and we can subconsciously set up patterns from traumas to repeat the same/similar occurences again and again.  Sometimes a trauma can be cleared very quickly as was the case with the following client.


Dee a 9 year old girl came with her mother to my practice after having two major accidents.  Mum was aware that both experiences were very traumatic for Dee and didn’t want any patterns to continue around these types of traumas.  Dee was a very active child who loved surfing, skateboarding and roller skating amongst other physical pursuits.  The trauma of both accidents and the following surgery/hospitalisation had left Dee quite fearful and unable to enjoy her normal hobbies/sports.

Her first accident during roller skating caused a broken wrist.

The second accident (skateboarding) shortly after left her with a broken femur.


Supported the body with crystals, cards & hydration balance.

Trauma release balance on both accidents.

Hands on healing.


Dee left my practice feeling happy and calm.

She has since taken up all her physical hobbies/sports again with no accidents at all and no fears.  It was a slow build up but is back to where she was before the accidents.

Client Testimonial

“Dee is fabulous thank you.  No more trauma and is now really back into her skateboarding…. Many many thanks… we tell everyone about your work”