Case Study – Trauma – Sexual Assault

Trauma – sexual assault is the ultimate betrayal of trust and invasion of personal boundaries on all levels.  It often sets a person up to have issues with relationships, lack of confidence, susceptibility to addictions or erratic/aggressive behaviour, anxiety/depression, digestive/bowel issues, lower back issues, pelvic issues, recurring nightmares, panic attacks and a myriad of other disorders.  Some people have lived with this type of trauma for decades and the debilitating problems it causes.  Kinergetics balances can help release trauma in a nurturing, safe way so a client can literally change their outlook, behaviour and ultimately their life for the better.


Holly a 32 yr old woman had come to see me suffering many issues including jaw problems, digestive complaints, food intolerances, anxiety and inability to relax, broken sacrum, hair loss & relationship sabotages.  At the heart of all these issues the main trauma stemmed from being sexually assaulted not once but twice during her teenage years, having her jaw broken in the process.

First Sessions

When Holly first visited my practice it was mostly for hands on healing to relax.  At the time I did not know she had suffered a broken jaw many years before and intuitively I was drawn to focus my energy on her jaw area.  Her body was supported with hydration balances, crystals, flower essences and healing cards.  Energetically I was also drawn to her lower abdominal area.


A couple of weeks later Holly returned for another session and told me that her jaw specialist had no idea what she had done but her jaw bone had moved since having our session together.  Encouraged by this result Holly continued to have many sessions on & off over the next few years

Subsequent Sessions

Trauma release around sexual assaults

TMJ (jaw) balances & hydration

Sabotages around business/career, joy, sexuality, frozen emotions

Trauma/Grief release around death of first real partner/love of her life

Sensitivities to certain foods and minerals

Trauma release for accident/broken sacral

Stomach ulcer/crohn’s disease/Psoriasis

Client Testimonial

Tanya has a beautiful light around her and she brings her amazing warmth and understanding to every session.

I have been seeing Tanya for energy healing work for around six years and can’t recommend her highly enough. She has helped me work through some difficult and challenging situations that at times I thought I’d never get through.

My life has been greatly enriched through these sessions and I now feel clearer and brighter than ever before.