"I will forever be grateful for healing my soul and restoring my dignity.”

Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts

Anxiety & Suicidal Thoughts are often the result of a trauma.  It is important to seek help.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel and your life can turn around.  There are many avenues of help including natural therapies.  I have been honoured to witness many clients completely change their lives by releasing traumas with kinesiology/kinergetics/healing and conquering their anxiety and dark thoughts/feelings


Sally a 48 year old woman suffering anxiety, suicidal thoughts/depression had suffered many traumas including divorce, abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters & toxic work environment just to name a few.  The culmination of all these left her feeling utterly exhausted, beyond repair and wanting it all to end.


First Session:

Sally was extremely upset at her first session and I needed to support her with crystals, essences, hydration balance, but mostly hands on healing and gentle encouragement to release and allow her feelings and thoughts to surface.  Sometime as a practitioner we just need to hold a space to allow the client to do their own thing and start the healing process their own way.

Emotional balance “heartsick”, “grateful”

ESR’s (Emotional Stress Release points)

Hands on healing and visualisations


Further Sessions:

Brain and kidney balances

Trauma Balance – abusive relationship

Trauma Balance – car accident resulting in sibling dying (she was driving)

Trauma Balance – Difficult births

Trauma Balance – sexual abuse

Sabotage Balances – self worth

Deep Emotional Balances

Chakra and light bodies balances

Adrenal Balances

TMJ Balances

Afffirmation Balances



Sally has turned her life around on all levels.

Happier home life, able to cope with lifes demands as a busy working single mother, successful career, calm and looking forward to a bright future, no more depressive thoughts, starting her own business, forgiving and loving herself.


Client Testimonial:

“Dear Tanya.  I will never forget our first session many years ago.  I came to you grieving the loss of my family post an ugly separation ending domestic violence to protect my children and myself.  The unconditional love that radiated from you and enveloped me set me on a wonderful journey of healing and self discovery.  I will forever be grateful for healing my soul and restoring my dignity.  You are a true spiritual healer that is so humble.  I always look forward to seeing you as the journey of self discovery and wellbeing continues.  Thank you for being you”

Chronic Pain & Migraines

Chronic pain especially migraines can be crippling not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.  Chronic pain affects many areas of a persons life.  It can lead to anxiety, depression and a myriad of other issues but it doesn’t have to be that way….


Melanie a 50 year old woman suffering chronic pain came to see me firstly to work on her painful headaches/migraines that had plagued her for years



Supported the body with crystals

Worked on chemical sensitivities to food containing natural amines, Salycilates and msgs (recommend following chemical free diet set by RPA hospital allergy clinic)

Worked on anger (Releasing anger from past mistakes, past hurts and life lessons)

Worked on metaphysical information around headaches and nerves (including conflict management, ability to cope with stress, not feeling equal to others, not being able to express talents, expressing feelings)

Released Trauma from age 0-5 years around general anger from parents & feeling like she was not able to do anything right

Released trauma from age 35 when partner/soul mate left her



Two weeks later we met for another session and Melanie had not had any headaches so we continued to work on breathing issues, sabotages, grief, confusion/forgetfulness

4 Months later ? was still headache/migraine free & had positive results for other issues we worked on as well


Client Testimonial:

“After experiencing many years of chronic illness, I’ve had some remarkable shifts after only a handful of kinergetics sessions with Tanya.  These include the end of chronic pain (including migraine headaches), greater energy, less anxiety, and the immense relief of an increasingly positive outlook on life.  I am so grateful for Tanya’s amazing treatments and wholly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health and overcome obstacles to healing”

"I've had some remarkable shifts... end of chronic pain..."

“ I feel a total shift...so much lighter and enlightened... my outlook to life is more positive.”


Grief & Anxiety:  Grief is a natural process when losing a loved one.  It is important to allow the process of grief and to allow healing when ready.  However if we feel or are left unsupported grief can lead to
-feeling down or sad all the time
-stress, anxiety
-exhaustion, health issues eg: disrupted sleep patterns, headaches, digestive issues
-feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, thoughts of self harm
-guilt, anger, shame or blame
-numbness, confusion


Trish a 59 year old woman came to see me feeling anxious and stressed and wanted to feel calmer.  Around the same time as these feelings started, her mother passed away causing deep grief.


First Session:

Anxiety and stress:

Peace and relaxation affirmations that her body reacted to.

Emotional balance “ignored” stemming from her past.

Massive release around sibling relationship (seeking approval, feeling locked out) and the grief caused by feeling ignored.

Balanced stress associated with family wedding using kinergetics tools.

Visualisations, hands on healing, breathing techniques.


Second Session:


This session Trish was obviously very upset by her mothers passing and was suffering deep grief.
Trauma release around her mothers death, funeral, sibling reactions.

Light bodies balance

Hands on healing



During the session her grief changed from a 10 out of 10 to a 1 out of 10 and she was able to smile and leave the session feeling calmer.

Trish continued to use the tools and techniques outside the session and managed to remain calm and stress free during some testing times/situations further down the track.

We have since worked on other issues eg:  releasing trauma from a car accident, life purpose/direction, vertigo.

Trish also continues to miss her mother but without becoming overwhelmed with grief.  Her mother even visits us in sessions occasionally giving comfort and messages.


Client Testimonial:

“My sessions with Tanya have been so rewarding.  I feel a total shift from how I feel from arriving to when I leave her beautiful healing space.  I leave feeling on top of the world and so much lighter and enlightened.  I feel enabled to tackle things that overwhelmed me before my session and my outlook to life is more positive.  Tanya has a very nurturing manner and I feel safe and relaxed during our healing sessions.  I have gained a great deal of insight into myself from my treatments and continue to gain benefits afterwards too.  Thanks Tanya for being there when I need that boost to get me through.”

Learning Difficulties

Learning Difficulties can be hard on a child as well as the parents.  Struggling at school can also affect confidence.

Catey a 9 year old girl came with her mother to my practice after having difficulties with reading and spelling at school. 



Marching and other exercises to study left/right brain integration & coordination.

Reading and spelling to activate any stress/fears/emotions

Brain points being energised

Brain Integration balance

Releasing trauma around 5 years of age when she started school but at the same time her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Hands on healing.



1 week later I received an excited call from Catey’s mother to say she had not only passed but got 100% for the first time ever in a spelling test at school.


Client Testimonial:

“Thank you so much for your help.  It has made such a difference to Catey’s confidence and studies ”

"made such a difference to Catey’s confidence and studies"

“First time in years I have slept through the night and awoken feeling calm & relaxed…no more nightmares”

Nightmares & Sleeping

Nightmares & Interrupted Sleep:  Good quality sleep and enough of it are essential for our health.  Lack of sleep affects our moods, can cause physical health issues, make it hard to focus and even make us more accident prone.


Edie a 31 year old woman was having constant nightmares/lack of quality sleep, negative thoughts all the time and was feeling exhausted and pessimistic about her future.



Trauma Balance – husband left her and her young child without warning

Trauma Balance – at a very young age her father left the family

Chakras Balance for energy of heart and solar plexus (self love, love for others, self esteem)

Flower essences and crystal to support the body

Affirmation Balance around “Abandonment”

Chakra/Belief systems Balance relating to abandonment

Brain Integration Balance

Hands on Healing



Edie called me a week later to say she had not experienced any more nightmares, disrupted sleep or anxiety.  She had also slept peacefully all through the night for the first time in years and was feeling happy and excited.


Client Testimonial:

“I feel fantastic, thank you.  First time in years I have slept through the night and awoken feeling calm & relaxed…no more nightmares”

Trauma - Accidents & Fear

Trauma - Accidents can leave us with not only physical scars but emotional and mental as well.  Fear can become an obstacle after accidents and we can subconsciously set up patterns from traumas to repeat the same/similar occurences again and again.  Sometimes a trauma can be cleared very quickly as was the case with the following client.


Dee a 9 year old girl came with her mother to my practice after having two major accidents.  Mum was aware that both experiences were very traumatic for Dee and didn’t want any patterns to continue around these types of traumas.  Dee was a very active child who loved surfing, skateboarding and roller skating amongst other physical pursuits.  The trauma of both accidents and the following surgery/hospitalisation had left Dee quite fearful and unable to enjoy her normal hobbies/sports.

Her first accident during roller skating caused a broken wrist.

The second accident (skateboarding) shortly after left her with a broken femur.



Supported the body with crystals, cards & hydration balance.

Trauma release balance on both accidents.

Hands on healing.



Dee left my practice feeling happy and calm.

She has since taken up all her physical hobbies/sports again with no accidents at all and no fears.  It was a slow build up but is back to where she was before the accidents.


Client Testimonial:

“Dee is fabulous thank you.  No more trauma and is now really back into her skateboarding…. Many many thanks… we tell everyone about your work”

“No more trauma and is now really back into her skateboarding…. Many many thanks… ”

"...an incredibly safe, nurturing space to be vulnerable and heal. "

Trauma -Sexual Assault

Trauma – sexual assault is the ultimate betrayal of trust and invasion of personal boundaries on all levels.  It often sets a person up to have issues with relationships, lack of confidence, susceptibility to addictions or erratic/aggressive behaviour, anxiety/depression, digestive/bowel issues, lower back issues, pelvic issues, recurring nightmares, panic attacks and a myriad of other disorders.  Some people have lived with this type of trauma for decades and the debilitating problems it causes.  Kinergetics balances can help release trauma in a nurturing, safe way so a client can literally change their outlook, behaviour and ultimately their life for the better.


Holly a 32 yr old woman had come to see me suffering many issues including jaw problems, digestive complaints, food intolerances, anxiety and inability to relax, broken sacrum, hair loss & relationship sabotages.  At the heart of all these issues the main trauma stemmed from being sexually assaulted not once but twice during her teenage years, having her jaw broken in the process.


First Sessions:

When Holly first visited my practice it was mostly for hands on healing to relax.  At the time I did not know she had suffered a broken jaw many years before and intuitively I was drawn to focus my energy on her jaw area.  Her body was supported with hydration balances, crystals, flower essences and healing cards.  Energetically I was also drawn to her lower abdominal area.



A couple of weeks later Holly returned for another session and told me that her jaw specialist had no idea what she had done but her jaw bone had moved since having our session together.  Encouraged by this result Holly continued to have many sessions on & off over the next few years


Subsequent Sessions:

Trauma release around sexual assaults

TMJ (jaw) balances & hydration

Sabotages around business/career, joy, sexuality, frozen emotions

Trauma/Grief release around death of first real partner/love of her life

Sensitivities to certain foods and minerals

Trauma release for accident/broken sacral

Stomach ulcer/crohn’s disease/Psoriasis


Client Testimonial:

“Tanya has helped me through some incredibly difficult experiences the past few years.  She holds an incredibly safe, nurturing space to be vulnerable and heal.  I am eternally grateful for your help Tanya and love that I can now move forward in life feeling lighter, happier and empowered”

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