Kinergetics is a branch of Kinesiology which was created by Phillip Rafferty. The Practitioner is able to identify emotional, mental and physical imbalances that can lead to self-sabotage, allergies, stresses and chronic pain.

Kinergetics is a very versatile tool & comprehensive healing modality which has the power to transform every aspect of your health & life.  Kinergetics can enhance other modalitites or be used on its own as it is extremely efficient and incredibly effective.

It has a focus on Hydration, TMJ (Temporo-mandibular Joint) and their relationship to our health.  Kinergetics also has a focus and amazing effect on releasing traumas.  It is so powerful yet gently supports the body so results can be gained without dehydrating or shocking the body in any way (healing crisis).

Our bodies hold most stress in the jaw muscles.  This can lead to issues such as teeth grinding, cracked teeth, headaches, clicking jaws, lock jaw, pain, difficulty with chewing or speech, even hearing problems, neck/shoulder pain & dizziness.  Often we are not aware we hold stress in our jaws & are clenching our teeth together.

Kinergetics uses gentle, non invasive techniques to help release tension in the jaw which in turn can effect our bodies hydration, ability to assimilate nutrients, balance & general health & vitality.

As our bodies are mostly made of water (50-70%) & use water for just about every process such as digestion, metabolism, waste excretion, brain function, tissue building, energy production & temperature regulation to name a few it is imperative that our bodies are well hydrated for optimum health.

Kinergetics uses techniques that can identify and locate very specific areas of the body that are not hydrated & using energetic corrections bring those areas back into balance to function optimally.

Kinergetics is a comprehensive healing system that empowers the client to identify, access and release blocked emotions, belief systems, sabotages and so much more!  Kinergetics has powerful techniques & energy corrections to re-balance the entire energetic systems of the body.

What is involved in a Kinergetics session?

The client remains fully clothed and lies face up on the massage table. Generally the practitioner uses an arm muscle for monitoring in conjunction with comprehensive questions to ascertain imbalances, their underlying causes and the best strategy to bring the body back into balance. The client may be asked to focus on certain feelings or experiences while the practitioner tests muscles to detect energy imbalances or stress. Kinesiology can often bring awareness to unconscious reactions to stress.

Kinergetics uses a range of techniques which may include:

• Acupressure
• Neurolymphatic and neurovascular points
• Reflex, trigger and body points
• Chakra, meridian & energy techniques
• Counselling

Potential benefits

• Healing past and present wounds / traumas
• Letting go of limiting beliefs and negative self talk
• Increased vitality, health and wellbeing
• Personal growth
• Mental clarity and enhanced learning
• Improved performance physically and mentally
• Safely releasing heavy metals & toxins
• Stress Relief
• Improved digestion & nutrient assimilation

Rebecca2Tanya is an inspired and powerful healer that creates a compassionate and safe environment so that deep can healing take place. She has a wise and intuitive connection that helps give you insight into the challenges you have faced so they can be released easily.

I have had many varied treatments from Tanya and I have loved every one of them. I highly recommend her to everyone, as her broad knowledge can help you work through any challenge you face. It’s a very special experience not to be missed!