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Tanya is an inspired and powerful healer that creates a compassionate and safe environment so that deep healing can take place.

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Created for your individual needs, this healing session includes kinesiology, kinergetics, reiki, cranio sacral, crystals and energetic healing. 

90 Min - $200 



Tanya believes finding real health and happiness is possible for everyone. Working through her own life challenges has given her the passion to help others achieve their own personal goals and dreams.

Over the years, Tanya has battled many traumas which started when she was adopted at the young age of two. Growing up she suffered abuse and chronic health issues including, depression, low self esteem, digestive & hormonal disorders, migraines, chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia.  This life experience has given Tanya a very compassionate approach to healing, and a first-hand understanding of what it’s like to work through challenges.

Combining these experiences with her Kinesiology, Kinergetics, Reiki, RESET, CranioSacral Threrapy & hands on healing Tanya is able to help put people at ease, empowering them to release the fundamental energy blocks and emotional patterns that often lie beneath a physical symptom.



Here To Heal

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